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Reaction Concrete ™ is India's 1st Autoclave Aerated Concrete Blocks manufacture headquartered out of Rajasthan, India.

Reaction Concrete ™ was established in 2019 with a technology that has turned over a new leaf in the construction industry. We have regarded as a frontline producer of these blocks with unit in Ajmer covering the strategic markets of north India. All our AAC blocks are designed to be environmentally friendly to enhance green-revolution in our cities. Reaction Concrete ™ boasts of a young work force with an average age 27 to drive high-quality to clients world wide.


  • Reaction Concrete ™ seeks to continuously exceed its customers’ expectations by providing the best-in-class customized building systems and technology guidance for the global AAC industry.
  • We support our customers by closely following the latest construction trends in the global markets.
  • Through continuous investment in innovation and project technology and long-term partnerships with international architects, building authorities and civil engineers we optimize the AAC production process and product quality, enabling our customers to enjoy the competitive advantages of cutting-edge technology and high-quality building solutions.



AAC Block

AAC is an acronym for autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC) Block. It is the new age, smart & green building material used in india. This has helped us emerge as the most viable substitute of the conventional red clay bricks used in building walls in residential, commercial and institutional construction activities

Block Jointing Mortar

Reaction Concrete ™ block jointing mortar is a versatile high quality mortar mix. Specifically designed to provide strength & adhesion to walls constructed by AAC blocks, fly ash bricks, concrete blocks etc. Reaction Concrete ™ -Block Jointing Mortar is a unique combination of cement, graded sand & blended polymers to impart high strength & water retention properties.

Why choose us?

Sturdy, durable and economical, concrete is one of the most frequently used construction materials in the India.

We are licensed and insured concrete company that you can trust. We, at Reaction Concrete ™ are dedicated to doing our job in the fastest way possible without sacrificing the quality of our projects.

Whether you’re seeking a unique, customised new concrete Wall,an existing wall for a chic, modern look, Concrete AAC Block will deliver impressive results.
Through years of creating dream walls for our clients, we’ve set a new standard for concrete AAC Block techniques, choosing top-of-the-line products and the best equipment to ensure optimal results for every customer.
Concrete AAC Block’s work creates a beautiful natural finish for your concrete walls, for a sophisticated look that’s slip-resistant, durable and easy to maintain.

Licensed and Insured Concrete Services Contractor

Our company is the best in the business, with a skilled team, top-of-the-line equipment and years of expertise to achieve spectacular results for every valued client.
The bottom line for you is a licensed contractor that performs concrete services which gives you a better quality job and greater peace of mind.

We Offer Quality

Some products that other non-contractors use are bad for your home and the environment, and also for the longevity of the process. In other words, the wrong product or the wrong installation means you need to do the work over way too soon.
Our materials, equipment and workers mean you get a better quality result that lasts longer, performs better and is more durable.
No job is too big or too small, from homes to commercial properties.

Cost Effective With Beautiful Finishing

The top standard of work at an affordable price, with our fully mobile team working right across India.
Create a unique wall that suits your space and style. Take the opportunity to customise your concrete with stones, glass, brass or other objects.

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Key Management

Each team member is conversant with his domain. Collectively, we work towards the common goal of providing you with the best returns on every investment and building loyalty across every touchpoint.

Shubham Poddar

Co-Founder & Managing Partner B-Tech (Mechanical Engineering)

Anil Kumar Agarwal

Co-Founder,Business and Commercial Head

Sangram Singh

Co-Founder & Operations Head

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Autoclave Aerated Concrete, also known as AAC or Reaction Concrete ™, is a green precast building material present in the global market for over 70 years and is extensively used in residential, commercial and industrial construction. AAC is a well-established building material, which has rapidly gained worldwide market share from conventional building materials because of its superior characteristics. This eco-friendly building material is made from natural raw materials such as sand (or fly-ash), cement, lime, gypsum, aluminium powder and water. This mix creates an aerated concrete providing insulation, structure and fire protection in one lightweight product.

  • Autoclaved Aerated Concrete consists of the unique combination of Tobermorite 11A molecules and air pores. Tobermorite 11A is a molecule that, once created, cannot physically decompose through heat, rot, corrosion or other chemical process and thus is very durable. AAC products are produced using a mix of generally abundant-available raw materials like sand, cement, lime and gypsum. The raw materials are mixed with water, a very small amount of aluminium powder is added, and poured in large moulds.

  • Earthquake Resistant Earthquake forces on structure are proportional to weight of the building, hence light weight blocks show excellent resistant to earthquake forces. Regions of high siesmic activities like Japan exclusively use AAC Fly Ash Blocks. It has been proven to withstand wind loads of category 5 tropical storms.

    Noise Pollution Resistant With closed air pockets, AAC lightweight fly ash blocks can provide very good sound insulation/sound absorption with an STC(Sound Transmission Class) rating of 44. It can also be used as a sound barrier wall along busy roads. AAC wall has an excellent sound transmission class (STC) rating of 44. Result, virtually sound proof interiors.

    Water Resistant Microscopic structure of lightweight block does not allow for capillary action making it impervious to water. Its water barrier properties are further enhanced by adding silicone based additives.

    Thermally Insulated Highest thermal rating in the industry R30!. Its cellular structure provides well insulated interiors, keeping out warm air in summers and cold air in winters. AAC reduces air conditioning cost upto 30%

    High Strength High pressure steam-curing autoclaving process gives AAC fly ash blocks unmatchable strength to weight ratio, higher than even M 150 concrete, and far exceeds the Indian Building code requirements.

    Fire Resistant Its unique cellular structure provides excellent fire rating. Due to this cellular structure AAC fly ask blocks do not disintegrate even in fire. It is best in class in fire rating of 4 hours. the melting point of AAC fly ash blocks are over 1600 degree celsius, more than twice the typical temperature in building 650 degree celcius.